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Nu-Wave is the only Authorized Manufacturer of products that are 100% guaranteed fully compatible and interchangeable with Original Perry products.

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About Nu-Wave

Other Manufacturers and/or Importers are claiming their products to be Perry compatible.  Components are not manufactured to the same tolerances and high standards as was with Perry and now Nu-Wave. Component dimensions differ enough as to be hazardous when mixed. Perry's safety instructions recommended using only authorized replacement parts and components.    

Nu-Wave's products are authorized by and built to the exact dimensions as Perry products, so you can rest assured of Nu-Wave's complete compatibility. Nu-Wave guarantees compatibility and 100% interchangeability of not only stacking units but all components! 

We are proud to continue to offer the most well accepted and highest quality product for which the industry leader was known.

About Perry Manufacturing

Perry was founded in 1966 by an acoustical contractor who had a better idea for a mobile interior scaffold.  The start-up company was purchased in 1968 by Mr. J. E. Meadors,  President and Chief Executive Officer.  The "heart and soul" of any company are the people who build the products we're proud to see on work sites around the country.  We currently employ approximately 100 dedicated people in three manufacturing plants located in Indianapolis, Indiana, "the Crossroads of America". 

Starting with the original Perry Scaffold in the 1960's, interior contractors have made the Perry brand-name synonymous with quality and reliability.  The original scaffold was followed in 1970 with an innovative new "mini-scaffold", the Perry Step-Up® Mobile Workstand.  The Step-Up® folds into a four inch package for easy transport for storage.  When unfolded, workers are provided with a safe workstand that provides them access to reach overhead work areas up to 10 ft. from the ground.  Perry Manufacturing, Inc. launched another new product line in 1980, the Perry Drywall Carts.   These rugged four-wheel carts are designed specifically to transport construction materials such as drywall (gypsum) board, plywood, doors and windows, etc. around jobsites. 

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