Hudson Professional Stainless Steel Sprayers

Hudson 92782 TEK sprayer

92782 Professional Stainless Steel 2 gal/8 liter

A quality sprayer for pest control indoors and out, sanitation and public health. Made of highest quality, Type 304 mirror-finish stainless steel.

  • Ruggedly-built stainless steel tank.
  • Heavy-duty brass pump quickly and easily pressurizes sprayer.
  • Strong brass spray wand is curved for precise application.
  • MulteeJet® variable pattern nozzle. Brass Drip-Not™ discharge set--spray shuts off at nozzle.
  • Chemical resistant Viton® soft parts that are Teflon® coated for extra chemical resistance.
  • Long-reaching, non-kinking braided Kem Oil® hose is power sprayer grade.

92781 Tek Pest Control Sprayer

92781 Professional Stainless Steel 1 gal/4 liter

Hudson "Professional Sprayers" are designed for professional pest control applications. An outstanding sprayer for pest control operators, sanitary maintenance, public health applications, etc. High-grade stainless steel tank with Simplex Inner Seal® opening. Pump stays in tank when filling. Brass pump with epoxy-covered steel pump T-handle. Curved brass spray wand, TeeJet® nozzle. Non-kinking power sprayer grade hose. Drip-Not® discharge set. Tank has built-on nozzle holder.

Professional™ Sprayers Drip-Not™ Control Valve Reduces Chemical Waste and Dripping

  •  Stainless steel tank
  •  Kem-Oil™ chemical resistant, braided power sprayer style hose
  •  Drip-Not™ discharge set metal control valve, shuts off at nozzle
  •  Strong curved brass 18" spray wand (92782)
  •  Strong curved brass 12" spray wand (92781)
  •  4-Way multi-jet nozzle
  •  Pressure gauge with large view dial
  •  1 Year warranty

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